Setting Goals with Your Social Media Marketing

If one of your marketing goals this year is to make a bigger impact on social media for your business, then you are going to need to identify the social media marketing goals that will encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zone while interacting with more people, building your online community and presence. Here are some options to take into consideration when outlining social media goals for your business.


While this is increasingly becoming a vanity metric, this is still an effective goal if your audience base is small and you are struggling to build community or get engagement on your posts. What can you do this year to encourage people to follow you on your social media platforms? Remember, whether they choose to follow you is largely based on what they feel like they are getting out of the arrangement.


Engagement is one of the most valuable metrics when it comes to social media marketing. If your audience is not engaging with your content, they are less likely to see any of it in their feed. It’s the basic mechanics of how algorithms work. If one of your goals is to increase engagement on your social media channels this year, we back you 100%!


If you plan to be on Twitter or Instagram, hashtags are a must! However, they can be beneficial on any of the social media platforms, if used the right way. If you don’t understand the value of hashtags or how to make them work for your social media platforms, make it a goal this year to find out more about hashtags and create a strategy to expand your reach using them.

Quality Content

Hands down, the most important goal you can set for yourself when it comes to social media marketing is creating consistent, quality content that your audience actually wants. Achieving this will make all the other goals slide into place. This is a challenge for most business owners because it can be tough to get into the shoes of your audience and create content they actually want. But, it’s certainly not impossible, and is always going to make a larger impact than just posting to maintain your online presence. Make it a goal this year to talk to your target market and find out what content they want to see, track what content they engage in most, and create a content marketing strategy that will truly boost your social media marketing efforts.

These are just some of the goals you can work on this year. Regardless of what you choose, the Social Media Advisor team is here to support you and help you reach those goals.

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