I am a small business owner in the space of Social Media Marketing.  I’ve decided to start a social experiment by creating a YouTube Channel and Building Affiliate Links of things I recommend, which are featured from items I use in my business to items I love using in my videos.  This is a passion project for me.  I hope you enjoy the ride!  


WELCOME TO: Create your own CRAZY!


Hollie here – Join me along the journey as I bring a bit of sassy, a little sprinkle of whimsical magic and fun to my Hobbies! I enjoy crafting, gardening, cooking, unicorns, my cats and dog. My goal is to utilize the internet of things to try things that look interesting or fun. I promise to add sparkle, hopefully laughter and some how to’s, what not to do’s and there will definitely be some major fails. Let’s try out some of my finds from the magical punk lifestyle of the inter-webs!


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One of the biggest requests I receive are asking questions about gear and tools I use on a daily basis.






Water time!  Hot tub and pool care:




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