What makes us different?

Message from our Founder and CEO:

"When I developed my Virtual Support Business in 2003, there were limited means to market my particular niche. I attended industry-specific workshops, networking events and posted my website to as many online directories as possible. When the launch of LinkedIn started to become a popular way for business people to connect, I saw quickly how the power of online marketing would benefit my business. I developed my LinkedIn profile and took training from LinkedIn specific trainers. Over time, I found that the majority of my business came from Word of Mouth Referrals and Social Media. I built, in a very short time, a successful back-office support company with a team of 8 VAs and in-house employees. With the changes in that particular industry, I needed to move with them. My clients were no longer offering the same services and the product providers changed how they supported my clients. it was time for a change for us all, and they came to me and asked me to market their business they way they found us; by using social media. We developed this Division of Clere Communications over 11 years ago and in the last 5 years have offered our services to businesses of any industry throughout the United States and beyond. We have clients in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Israel.

The passion behind our work has always been the same. We believe this mission just as much today as we did in 2003:

Any business can be successful and competitive, no matter the size. This country was founded on Small Business and the Small Business can be successful because of marketing, relationship management and by remaining Customer Focused. Our goal is to help those businesses, 1 to 35 employees, develop a successful online marketing program to increase their visibility, relationships with their customers and thrive; no matter the economy.

Unlike most Social Media Experts, we have built our business using Social Media and want to do the same for companies we fit well with. We won't claim to know everything about anything online, we can only be good at what we know. You won't come to us to build your website, I will refer someone who is a good fit for you. You won't come to us to do your accounting either because we are good at the things we live and breathe each day. We commit to continually learn, continually engage with our counterpart experts in the industry and we will continue to better our team so we can deliver the most cutting edge and solid support for our clients. "

- Hollie Clere

We Build, We Brand, We Bio, Train, Equip, Grow

  • Social Media Brand Building
  • Bio Writing
  • Polishing up Profiles
  • Beefing-up Profiles
  • Monthly Content Management
  • Monthly LinkedIn Prospecting
  • Individual 1 to 1 Training (1-3 guests)
  • Group Workshops (5-20 guests)
  • Custom Corporate Training (5-35 guests)
  • Large Team Social Media Process Training (20-150 guests)


Our Power Partners:

  • Website Designers
  • Newsletter Specialists
  • Business Coaches
  • SEO Specialists
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Content Writers
  • Professional Bloggers
  • Multi-Service Marketing Firms
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Social Media or PR Attorney


Things to Listen For:

  • I have never tried to market my business online
  • I don't have time to manage my status updates
  • I have run out of ideas of things to share online
  • I have never closed business using social media
  • I have a LinkedIn profile but I don't do much with it
  • I want a consistent look for my team online
  • I am rebranding
  • I need to get more people to my next event
  • I have used social media but
  • I need to get more followers to my social media pages
  • I am using my personal profile for my business
  • I need to learn how to use social media
  • I want to learn how to get customers from LinkedIn

We Love Referrals!

Is there someone you know that would be a good fit for our services?
Let us know. We offer referral gifts for introductions that result in business.

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Learn how to use social media to grow your business online with our video series!

  • Learn the fundamentals of social media
  • Learn how to build better brand engagement
  • Learn how to enhance your visitors' experience
  • Learn how to grow your business using social media strategies.

If you want someone to break down aspects of social media to get more clients and build your business using social media, this is the program for you.

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