Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Social Media Training Options:   VIRTUAL, HYBRID OR IN PERSON

  • Individual Training
  • On The Go -> Team Training – up to 15 members
  • Corporate Wide Training
  • Individual 1to1 Training Hourly/Person
  • 1 to 1 training on the use of social media sites/privacy settings/tools
  • Training online via teleconference or in person
  • Travel outside of a 15-mile radius subject to additional fees – (room/board/food costs will be provided by client)
  • Group Training Up to 15 Guests 1.5 hour Session or 45 min Session

Pre-developed Social Media Sessions – Recommended Lunch N Learn: VIRTUAL, HYBRID OR IN PERSON

Select from the below – Please Provide Sponsor for the Food and Location:

  • Social Media Fundamentals
  • Incorporate Social Media Into Your Business
  • LinkedIn Prospecting
  • Corporate Branding in presentation
  • Corporate Online Policy and Procedure Training
  • Online Etiquette
  • Best Practices
  • Use of Social Sites Corporate Wide
  • Prospect and Sales Tactics
  • Marketing Tactics

Travel outside of a 15-mile radius subject to additional fees (room/board/food costs will be provided by the client
[Business Building Support, Social Media Virtual Assistant, Prospecting with LinkedIn, Online Relationship Management, Marketing Evaluation, Quarterly Marketing Planning, Email Newsletter Campaign, Drip Marketing, Blog Writing, Vlog, blog Training]

Learn how to use social media to grow your business online with our video series!

  • Learn the fundamentals of social media
  • Learn how to build better brand engagement
  • Learn how to enhance your visitors' experience
  • Learn how to grow your business using social media strategies.

If you want someone to break down aspects of social media to get more clients and build your business using social media, this is the program for you.

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