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We help small business owners in service related industries and business coaches, who are overwhelmed with what to share in their stories, and develop strategies so they can build relationships and loyal fans online.
Fun + Affordable + Consistent
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  • What is The Social Media Advisor Difference?

    We believe that every social marketing campaign should encompass:

    • Ownership – Accountability – Education
    • You shouldn’t OWN something you aren’t EDUCATED about
    • You can’t hold your self ACCOUNTABLE for something you don’t OWN
    • Without EDUCATION you can’t OWN your brand effectively

    We can help with that!
    Social Media is changing the way people do business … Don’t get left behind!

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  • Social Media Proof

    Anyone can build a Social Media Page, but do they know how to build it correctly with the right social media marketing story and strategy for business, the right keywords and really target your ideal client?  We build brands, write searchable copy for your profiles and develop strategies to expand your reach and build relationships using solid Social Media Marketing techniques.  Since 2008, our team has provided support to clients Nationwide in online marketing.

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  • Our Team

    The Social Media Advisor Team is overseen by Hollie Clere. We have a strong Team of Professionals who provide the excellent support to our clients at the high standards that we have for their business. After owning their own back office support business for the last 14+ years, finding ways to market their niche to a specific industry made for an interesting adventure.  With the launch of social media, they quickly found ways to connect with, stay in contact with and maintain relationships with potential and existing clients.

    Our Social Media Speaker

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  • Services

    One of the first questions people ask us is, which social sites are best for my company? The answer is simple, but yet not . . . “Where are your customers spending time online?” The hardest thing to figure out with online marketing is how to find your customers. There is a myriad of options to select from. Bottom line, having a business card and a website just isn’t enough for most business relationships or consumer clients.

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What Clients Say About Us

“It was great to get to work with super stars like Hollie, especially when the projects get a little tricky. Hollie is the one that made sure things got done right, all the details were in place, it was lit up right! She made me look good too! Now she’s taken networking to a whole new level, helping others in the industry use Social Media to gain an advantage in a really tough segment.”

Mike O’Neil

“Hollie is one of the best when it comes to social media expertise. When I work with her, I always learn something new about how to make the social media work for my business and my clients better.”

Thoms Ciesielka,

“Hollie is amazing in her knowledge and ability to teach social networking in simple terms. I love that Hollie has a vision for the future and keeps things organized and is a great communicator. Her ability to bring out the best in a person is a true gift. I call her me Internet Angel. Thank you Hollie”

Brigitte Ades

“Hollie’s services were invaluable in helping our company dive into the social media waters. She gave us easy tools and tips that got us well acquainted with the process within only a couple of sessions. I would definitely recommend Hollie to other companies overwhelmed by how to start a social media campaign.”

Debbie Johnson

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