#PlanAhead – How to NOT Run Out of Things to Say in Social Media for Your Business

When I work with small business owners, one of their biggest pain points, for them, is coming up with something to say on their social media channels. They love the idea of building out their brand and becoming consistent on social media, but they just aren’t sure what to post.

Here are our best tips when it comes to never running out of something to say on your social media channels:

Poll Your Audience

One of our favorite ways to find out what your target audience wants is to ask them. Find an online group or community filled with folks that resemble your ideal clients and start asking them questions. Create polls. Build surveys. Start collecting this valuable data as soon as possible because what they tell is will convert into valuable social media marketing content.

Make a List of Frequently Asked Questions

Every business owner finds that there is a handful of questions they get asked on a regular basis. Jot down your Top 10 most asked questions. Addressing these questions by creating social media content will give you several months’ worth of posts and help you spread your message at the same time.

Make a Plan

This one will cause you more upfront but will save you tons of time throughout the year. If you spend a day (or two) just jotting down 12 monthly themes and then 4 bullet points per theme, then you’ll have something to talk about all year long. You’ll have a whole year of already knowing what you will talk about. No more waking up and trying to decide on the fly what to post.

If you are struggling with the twelve monthly themes, then do a search for similar content to get an idea of what other businesses around talking about in regards to your industry or profession.

You can always keep a close eye on what your competition is posting for inspiration purposes, but we find it works better if you have something to say that is unique to you and independent from the other noise online. Your audience and your target market are both valuable resources for finding out what type of content they really want. Plus, setting aside time to make a plan will keep you from just posting whatever random idea you come up with in the moment, allowing you to be more strategize with your online content and social media marketing.

If you are ready to take this off your plate entirely, give our team a call. We specialize in building social media content for your brand and helping you maintain consistently on your online platforms.

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