How Corporate Social Media Training Can Help Your Business Blossom This Quarter

How Corporate Social Media Training Can Help Your Business Blossom This Quarter

When you have a team, social media marketing can be tricky. You can’t allow just anyone to represent you online. Unfortunately, exchanges can happen in social media that impact your small business in a negative way. And, once it’s online, it never really goes away.

To avoid needing to do damage control, it’s important to educate and train your marketing and sales team so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to social media marketing.

Goals and Structure

What your sales team needs from you the most right now is a game plan. Have you built a structure for them that is easy to understand and follow? Is your branding clear and concise? Have you gotten buy-in from the team? Do you have a marketing strategy and plan? Have you set goals for your marketing and sales team? The more work you do upfront to build a structure that is easy to understand and follow, the more successful your sales team can be with their work.

Giving Ownership to Your Sales Team

Let’s be honest, you don’t have the time to look over every team member’s shoulder to monitor their online interactions with your leads and clients. Wouldn’t it be better if you could trust your sales team to represent your brand and conduct business online without your oversight? Your sales team will be empowered by gaining ownership to do their best work without micro-management. The key is to make certain your sales team has been properly trained on your branding, your social media policies, and how to engage with your audience both online and offline. This move will free you up to focus more on keeping your business running smoothly and will free them up to do more with their time in an educated and empowering way.

Social Media Marketing & Your Sales Team

Understanding how social media can work for your business is the first step in building a beautiful online brand. While your website is the roadmap, social media marketing is the engine that keeps things moving. An educated sales team can really ramp up your impact and results when it comes to social media marketing.

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Whether you need help drafting a social media policy for your team, coming up with a social media strategy for your business, or want to bring in expert help to train your sales team on the best way to utilize social media marketing – we’ve got your back here at The Social Media Advisor!

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