#RelationshipsMatter – How Does Social Proof Build Your Tribe?

When it comes to social media, there are lots of new and exciting terms out there. One relatively new term is social proof. You may not be familiar with the words, but you are familiar with the concept; think product endorsements, establishing authority, and word-of-mouth advertising. When it comes down to it, that’s all social proof is and it can help you build and expand your tribe. In fact, your tribe can also help you build your social proof.

Of course, people turn to you and what you post for a number of different reasons. For some, it’s about your product or services. For others, it’s about getting the opinion of a trusted authority. Also, there are those that it’s just because they like you or are your friend. While that all may sound pretty complicated, it really all boils down to social proof—people sharing information they like because it comes from someone they know and admire.

Marketers have known for a long time that having a good reputation and a strong brand can help you get sales. That’s why they depend heavily on product endorsements and positive customer reviews in advertising. The same is true for social media. When you gain a reputation for credibility and consistency, the people in your network come to trust you. Because they trust you, they trust your content, and they pass that content along to other people. And so it goes. That’s what engagement is, sharing, commenting, and reaching out.

So how can you use social proof to expand your reach and increase the number of people in your circle? There are lots of ways. Testimonials, case studies, personnel profiles, and telling stories can all work to improve your credibility and help people trust you. The same is true for the everyday interactions you have with the people in your social network world. The point is to involve the people you connect with in your everyday social media life. In short, strengthen your relationship with them. In turn, they will get the word out about you and your products and services.

When it comes to social media reach, you can never have too many people in your tribe. When you improve your social proof and cement your credibility, you’ll grow. The trouble is, it’s hard to do it on your own. The Social Media Advisor can help you get off on the right foot with a comprehensive social media analysis. They can help you grow both your tribe and the connections you have with the people who are already involved. Now is a great time to get started!

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