How Often Should You Post on Social Media in 2022?

Before we get into statistics and trends, it’s important to note that there is no one size fits all plan when it comes to social media marketing. The best thing for a business to do is to actually test various times and monitor their analytics to get insights on when their audience is active and responsive online.

That being said, we all need to start somewhere, right? And you are here because you have questions. So, let’s get into how often you should post on social media in 2022:


When we work with Facebook marketing clients, we recommend doing at least 3 posts per week. This is the bare minimum. If you can, it’s recommended to do 2 posts per day on Facebook (spaced out – try morning and afternoon or afternoon and evening).

According to Sprout Social’s recent report, Saturday is the worst day of the week for engagement on Facebook.


If you’ve got great visuals, photos, and videos – the best time to post them on Instagram is Monday-Friday between 10 am and 12 pm. So, post at least 1x a day during this time frame during the week. You want to make the algorithm work for you by being consistent and posting daily but also giving each post room to be seen by not batching posts close together.


The LinkedIn audience is slightly different. These are professionals. They aren’t spending all day scrolling social media. However, to stay top of mind for when those pros do go onto the platform to get caught up, you’ll need to ensure you are posting at least 1x a day. Should you post on the weekend? Well, not every professional has Saturday and Sunday off… so, test it out and see if there is a difference in engagement and reach on the weekends.


Twitter isn’t for every brand. It is a fast-moving, news-focused, written platform that is ripe for negative interactions and trolls. However, if you love the fast pace, are in an industry that’s relevant for current events/news, or love creating and sharing written content – then Twitter could be for you.

However, to stay relevant on this platform, you need to post a lot… like A LOT. Twitter users recommend 10-15 posts per day. You’ll want to space them out so more of them get seen… don’t just post 10 tweets in a row. Also, learn how to create Twitter threads and definitely spend time commenting, joining conversations, and re-tweeting other posts as well.


We have to talk about the elephant in the room. Not all businesses are comfortable with video, so you won’t all be a good fit for this platform. However, those who remember the golden days of organic social media reach should know that it’s still alive and well, if only on TikTok right now.

According to SocialPilot’s review of the app, the best times to post on TikTok are Tuesday through Friday either early in the morning (6am to 10am) or late at night (7pm to 11pm). To capitalize on this, schedule your videos during these time frames. Do 1-2 videos a day for a few weeks and then measure your results to decide whether or not this type of marketing is for you.

There is an argument to be made about whether or not TikTok is mostly for entertainment or is a good place for promotion. If this platform intrigues you, you already use it for your own entertainment, and you want a chance to get in front of more people in an organic way – then test it out. See if it makes an impact with your small business.

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