#HiretheExpert – What to Expect from a Social Media Trainer?

If you have embraced social media as a sales tool, then you know that it’s easy to get started but not quite so easy to be effective. Without a thoughtful, focused approach that incorporates social media into your sales and marketing strategy, you can expend valuable resources without a lot of return. To avoid this trap, professional social media training for your team is a surefire approach.

Before you start to look for a specific training program, think about the type of training that will work best for you and your team. Time constraints, the learning style, and the resources you have available are all factors in determining what type of training will be best for your business. Online training, in person, or via teleconference are all viable options. Should the training be one-on-one or group? Should the training touch everyone in your organization or a select group?

Now that you know what type of training you are looking for, you can begin to zero in on finding the trainer that can help you meet your goals. Here are five tips to help you choose a trainer that will meet your expectations and leave your team wanting more:

  1. Look for a trainer who is experienced in both training and implementation. Be sure to get a program that uses real-world examples and provides your team with key ideas and takeaways they can be put into action right away.
  2. Choose a program that provides both basic and advanced skills. Since your team includes a mix of learning styles, levels of expertise, and technical capabilities, you need a curriculum that will bring beginners up to speed quickly while challenging more advanced participants.
  3. Be sure to hit all the platforms. You use a variety of social media platforms so your trainer should offer skills that can be effectively used in each of them.
  4. Keep the focus on learning rather than selling a tool. It may take a little homework on your part, but you want to make sure that your trainer’s number one priority is on helping your team become adept at using social media, not on selling a tool for managing platforms.
  5. Look for strategy as well as “how-tos.” While you want the training to leave your team with practical knowledge, you also want the training to show them how social media fits into an overall sales and marketing strategy.

The right social media training will help your team handle the important job of being the face of your business on these ever-changing platforms. As a bonus, your employees will be more confident, and more productive. That’s not just good for them; it’s good for your business.

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