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#LearnSocialMedia – Are You Using Social Media to its Highest Potential?

We all know that content is king. But it’s not just any king; it’s a very hungry king. Creating good content and putting it out there isn’t enough. It’s a bit like growing a garden. You can’t just scatter some seeds and expect to get fresh veggies all season. For your garden to remain healthy and prolific you have to cultivate it, water it, and weed it.

Social media works the same way. You plant the seeds and then nurture them. That way, you’ll have enough food (and the right kind) to feed the king.

Using Social Media to Its Potential

There are steps you can take to make sure that the time and effort you put into creating social media content is worthwhile. Here are six steps that you can use:

Create A Plan

If your social media strategy is haphazard, then chances are your results will be, too. Take the time to create a plan that takes into account what your goals are and establishes a way for you to measure success.

Reach Out To Influencers

If your content is high quality, then the people who are experts in your field will appreciate it. Find the individuals whose voices are strong and get them involved. That may be as simple as tagging them or require that you engage with them. The best strategy will depend on your industry.

Post And Then Post Again

There are guidelines for the best times to post on the various platforms but they vary. Of course, you don’t want to bombard your audience with the same post over and over again, but it can pay to repost your material strategically. However, some posts are worth sharing multiple times. Just be strategic about when and how often so you aren’t coming across as spammy.

Repackage And Reuse

There are numerous ways to present information. Find content that you can repurpose and post it on additional platforms. A good example of this approach is turning a white paper into a presentation or infographic.

Tailor Your Approach To The Platform

Learn enough about the various platforms so that you can take advantage of the unique ways content is used. The same strategy you use on Facebook may not work for Twitter.

Be Consistent

Unless you are consistent in both your timing and approach you’ll likely find yourself spinning your wheels. Your audience needs to be able to depend on you.

A key advantage of social media is that it is easy to use and can be easy on the budget. But (and this is a big “but”) if what you are doing is not working then it’s a waste of time. One of the best ways to ensure this doesn’t happen to you is to take advantage of the Social Power Program.

The Social Power Program can give you the tools you need to ensure that you are focusing your efforts in the right place. It’s online and cost-effective. Remember, it doesn’t do much good to fertilize your garden if you’re just feeding the weeds.

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Hollie Clere of The Social Media Advisor is a “#BeAwesome” Developer, Social Media, Brand Builder, Content Manager, Trainer and Author in LinkedInFacebookTwitterBlogGoogle+YouTubePinterestInstagram, and the tools to manage them.

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#LearningIsAwesome – The Value of Learning Something New

In the spirit of the Back To School time of year, we realized that you are never too old to learn something new. Our kids shouldn’t be the only ones continuing their education this Fall. So pick up some extra school supplies because we are going to list the 5 reasons you should open yourself up to learning new things!
You Will Live Longer
In a study done by Reader’s Digest, professionals found that people who read more for 30 minutes a day for years would on average live two years longer than those who didn’t read at all. Instead of watching tv at night, try to pick up a book, you might just live longer!
You Will Get Better Job Offers
By continuing to learn everyday, you are guaranteed to increase your knowledge, literacy, and understanding of new innovations. These skills will show in job interviews and you are more likely to get the job you want than someone who’s brain power has been stagnant since grade school. If you are a small business owners, those offers could look like speaking engagements or opportunities to spread your message to a wider audience.
You Will Win Family Arguments
There is little that is more satisfying than the silence that follow’s a relative’s inability to retort an intellectual conversation at the dinner table. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it might be time for you to work out your brain for any potential family arguments.
You Will Find New Talents
When you spend the time to learn a new task, you may find that you have a knack for it. Don’t avoid learning a new skill just because you don’t think you have the time for it or you think you’re too old to learn. Instead rent out a book from the library or take a class on a skill you’ve never tried.
You Will Make New Friends
You might not be convinced but there are other people out there in the same position as you! You may meet someone new in a class or connect with someone online who is also trying to learn something new. Or you could learn a new language and find yourself meeting people from all over the globe! The possibilities are endless!

Being an adult is no longer an excuse; there is so much value to learning something new even when you are no longer in school. So pick up a book, sign up for a class, or join an online forum and start learning! Can’t wait to see your AWESOME!
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Hollie Clere of The Social Media Advisor is a “#BeAwesome” Developer, Social Media, Brand Builder, Content Manager, Trainer and Author in LinkedInFacebookTwitterBlogGoogle+,YouTubePinterestInstagram and the tools to manage them.

Announcing our new ELearning Online Training System: Social Power Program


We are excited to announce the videos are getting read to load for our NEW ELearning Online Training System: Social Power Program

Here are some great details about the program


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Questions and challenges you may have with your Social Media Marketing for your Business:
  • Are you finding it difficult to build a following in social media?
  • Are you wanting to attract more followers to your brand?
  • Have you created a social presence in the right mediums?
  • Where should you expand your brand?
  • How do you have active conversations?
  • How do you build a following?
  • How do you schedule time in the day to post?
  • How can you sell more of your products and services?
  • How can you develop the right content for your viewers?
  • How can social media work for you?
  • What tools are out there to make social media management smarter not harder?
If you have struggled with any of these issues, Social Power Program is the system for you.

Who are ideal users of this Program?

  • Executive Level Employees
  • Business Owners
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Marketing Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Human Resources Staff

Most People are NOT using Social Media to take them to the next level of business. Mostly because they just don’t know how it works or how to do it.

Get results from your Social Media Marketing!

What Level of Experience is Required?

Because this program is ideal for nearly ANYONE wanting to learn how to use Social Media for Business, here is what you have to know how to do first:

  • Know how to submit an online purchasePrint and Save Documents
  • Be able to Navigate a Website

How Does it Work?

1) Pick your level or start at #PowerProgram1

2) UNLOCK a Training Video every month
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4) After you complete 6 video sessions in each MODULE, you will unlock a

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~ Social Media is changing the way people do business.  Don’t get left behind ~ 

Hollie Clere

Hollie Clere, of The Social Media Advisor is a social media manager, trainer and author in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Google+ , Pinterest and the tools to manage them. Click here for her Social Media Links


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