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Finding the Real Currency in Business – The Rise of the Micro-Influencer


There is so much noise in all of your marketing. Every prospect needs 8+ forms of communication, gifts and traditional mail are becoming a treasured art and social media has made waves in the marketing community with the rise of Micro-Influencers! What does that mean anyway and how can YOU become one? Or … are you an influencer already? We will teach you the top skills you need to solidify your brand strategy to elevate your marketing to influencer level!

Join us Tuesday April 23rd, Aurora, CO 1-3p or Wednesday April 24th, Colorado Springs, CO 1-3p

***Early Bird Tickets: $57 ends April 12th

***Regular Price tickets: $97/person

Finding the Real Currency in Business – The Rise of the Micro-Influencer

Keeping Relationships the core focus of your online and offline strategy will keep you from getting lost in the crowd.

This talk will discuss the importance of integrating YOUR story, hand in hand with a marketing strategy both online & offline. These key components will help you establish your true “voice” and build a solid foundation. By using tangible components of traditional marketing in conjunction with your online marketing, you are able to build stronger relationships with your audience, making you the MICRO Influencer of your industry.

Take your marketing to the next level and become THE Influencer in your industry!

Walk away with:

– Editorial calendar so you know what yo post and on which days

– Strategies to multi-purpose your content so you never run out of items to post in your channels

– Tools to make posting easier and more streamlined

– Top tips to take your online marketing further with offline strategies

– Keys to becoming THE influencer in your industry!

We are so excited to host this one time – LIVE – event in Aurora and Colorado Springs!!

Early bird tickets end April 12th and there are only 30 spots available for each workshop!!

Reserve your seat today at: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/the-social-media-advisor-7132177193


Denver Startup Week Recap – Thank You for Attending and Supporting Us!

I am truly humbled by the experience that I had at Denver Startup Week 9/30/2015.  With the final number of registrations for our Panel was 963.  The room was full to the brim in attendance on top of a few hundred people that were turned away due to maximum capacity in the space.  WOWZA!
Here was the link for the event:
“This panel will delve into the intricacies of utilizing social media to become a thought leader and influencer in your field and industry. This panel will highlight the expertise from a variety of social media experts and influencers who have used digital tools to position themselves as a thought leader. This session is applicable for anyone wanting to grow their personal digital persona, whether they are an employee, rainmaker, CEO, or intern in their current role.”
First and foremost, I need to thank Colorado Women In Social Media for submitting the event and for all of the time we spent on this little idea that turned out to be a great one!  In preparing for this event, we spent the last few months in dialogue, documenting and compiling ideas.  We sought out influencers that we follow online, received some fabulous feedback and quotes on their experience as an influencer and being approachable.  I will note here – if you admire the work that someone else has done, you follow them and try to engage; it is worth the time to invest in relationships of those you admire.  My biggest take away from this entire experience was the fact that we are all people doing what we love and so if you find us influential, we thank you.  
The location was top notch, tech savvy and the attendees were deeply engaged.  I’m not going to lie here, I has heartbroken about parking problems and having to turn folks away, but as the location stated, “Your topic must be that good!”  Which we all deeply appreciated.
There was very little stress mostly because of the quality of professionals that are in our group.  Each of us contributed so many of our specializes from tech to sound, to video topics that we are passionate about.  From the responses on social media, in person and later via email, it seems as though all attendees walked away with value; which was the ultimate goal!
Here were a few tweets and responses about the event:
People don’t do business with businesses, they do it with people they know, like and trust. #DENStartupWeek #CWSMInfluencer

@thesocialpro Best takeaway: pick 3 social platforms where your audience engages, do them well, do them consistently.

@thesocialpro I loved the point about finding your niche and focusing on it. That affirms a ton of what I’ve gleaned from savvy biz owners.
Kurt Wolff Retweeted “Use hashtags sparingly” – yes #CWSMInfluencer
Social Media Advisor @thesocialpro
“Build Twitter Lists to Follow & Engage your Followers & Niche, Use Hashtags Sparingly” w/ @COWomenSocMedia #DenStartupWeek  #CWSMInfluencer
Become more of an influencer, use more @Pinterest – yes, even the guys.  #DENStartupWeek #CWSMInfluencer
ProductiveMompreneur Retweeted Social Media Advisor
Wonderful Tips!
Social Media Advisor @thesocialpro
“In addition to engagement in Instagram, use emojis & call to action in your Bio” w/ @COWomenSocMedia  #DenStartupWeek  #CWSMInfluencer
Overflow crowd and fun panel. #CWSMInfluencer #DENStartupWeek
Love that @blab is getting shout outs during this panel event! #DENStartupWeek @COWomenSocMedia
Great info about being known, liked, and trusted in social media. @TinteroCreative #CWSMInfluencer #DENStartupWeek
#PowerPartner with people who specialize in things that you don’t. #DENStartupWeek #CWSMInfluencer
Buzz word at #DENStartupWeek as a whole “engagement” #CWSMInfluencer
Apply 80/20 to social. What matters most? How do you decide where your influence has impact? #CWSMinfluencer @COWomenSocMedia

If you are interested in learning more about the Colorado Women in Social Media Group, please visit:
We each have different specialties, niches and service offerings.  We love to engage, connect and get to know you, so if you are interested in connecting deeper, let’s definitely do that!
Thank you to every person who registered, to those who journeyed out to attend and those who were able to hear our panel.  Special thanks to my social media sisters for knowing how to #BeAwesome in all that we do!

~ Social Media is changing the way people do business.  Don’t get left behind ~ 


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