Using Facebook for Business – 3 Things To Plan For

Literally … anyone can create a Facebook Page. Sure, it appears to be easy, fill in the fields, add a few images, invite a few friends to like the page … WRONG.

The Power of the Facebook Bio

Yes, that is easy, but have you taken the time to build a robust profile filled with rich story contained with keywords, demographic and solving pains for your ideal clients?  Chances are, you probably aren’t aware of the power of the sections contained in Facebook, keyword options to make you searchable or the impact of a professionally written bio.

The Power of a Facebook Strategy

There are many ways to cultivate activity on Facebook through updates and a variety of paid campaigns.  Do you truly know which options are best for your budget and reach?  I hear frequently statements like, “I hate Facebook because I put in my credit card and they didn’t charge me what I agreed to” or “I received zero new Followers through boosting” or “I tried ads and they gave me zero activity:.

Developing the right strategies can make or break your campaigns. Being prepared for budgeting for campaigns is key.

Monitor Frequently and Set Up Notifications

Facebook recently updates notification options for engagement on your Pages.  Check out your settings and make sure you select to receive notifications for all engagement activity. Ironically, 4 out of over 20+ pages we are monitoring have received consistent SPAM from fake accounts recently.  It is best to BAN the accounts (which will keep them from further posting to your page under that account name).  We saved ourselves a lot of branding headaches with these newer push notifications!

What not to do in Facebook

Don’t add a credit card (tied to your business bank account) to your account!  You are making yourself vulnerable to mistakes and surprise bills!  Set your budget, purchase a Visa gift card and plan accordingly.  Your account will remain uncompromised and your bank account will be free from surprises. 

If we aren’t having fun, we are doing it wrong!  #BeAwesome

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~ Social Media is changing the way people do business.  Don’t get left behind ~ 

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