Top 3 Reasons to Use Images on Your Facebook Page

Top 3 Reasons to Use Images on Your Facebook Page

Facebook is, hands down, the cornerstone of a company’s social media platform. There are plenty of social media sites out there to choose from – each with their own purpose, strengths and weaknesses. However, Facebook boosts over 1.23 billion active users. That’s quite an audience!

Unfortunately, that audience has a lot to look at. In a sea of virtual competition, how can a lone Facebook page hope to stand out and grab attention?

There’s a lot that goes into a great Facebook page. Professionally crafted bios with the most appropriate keywords, branding, consistent posts with interesting and viable information, links to products and partners, and attention grabbing graphics are all part of what makes a business page great. When balancing all those components, why are the images such an imperative aspect of a standout Facebook page?

The Power of Images
A picture is worth so much more than a thousand words these days. In an age of digital warfare, cell phones, televisions and computers are all vying for our limited attention spans. It’s no fluke that social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram thrive on the abundance of photos and memes.
A business has mere seconds to capture the attention of a potential or new customer or follower. To use those seconds wisely, high quality images that draw the eye are essential. This is true for any kind of marketing, but especially on a Facebook news feed where individuals are scrolling through so much information.
The image is the hook – the text is how you close!
The Impact of Images
Today, just about everyone has a cell phone and are taking pictures. Then those pictures and screenshots are being uploaded to visual boards like Pinterest, or feeds like Tumblr and Reddit. Who has time to read a bio or a description these days? Twitter limits its character limit for a reason. People would need to set aside time to digest information like that and companies simply can’t convince users to stop and read how great they are on initial engagement.
This is where a high quality image or meme becomes vital. It’s the page owner’s responsibility to come up with a way to draw their viewers in. And that’s where images make the most impact, introducing Facebook users with the pages they will soon come to love and trust!
The Versatility of Images
An image can be so much more than just a picture these days. One picture can host a variety of links or can carry other embedded photos or multimedia. These interactive images not only grab attention, but can even keep it! Extend those few seconds of an individual’s attention to minutes of connection. Imagine how much value those minutes can bring to a Facebook page – leaving an impression that will keep people coming back again and again.
If that isn’t enough, Google has spearheaded the image search engine trend making it simple to find what one seeks simply by looking through images. That means that SEO today is for more than just keyword density and written content. Properly executed SEO on your images gives people more avenues to locate your online content.  Even Facebook is getting in on the SEO game and pages are popping up more frequently on search engine feeds.
Now that you understand the impact of images on your Facebook page, you might need an expert to make sure your social media content shines! Let us know how we can help increase the presence of your business on Facebook.

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