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#CustomerGratitude – How to Show Your Clients Gratitude in Social Media

November is definitely gratitude season and while we always remember to showcase our gratefulness to our friends and family, don’t miss the opportunity to use this time of year to show your clients you appreciate them as well! When it comes to your social media marketing, showing client appreciation is both simple and impactful. Most businesses only send a holiday card (at best) this time of year so going above and beyond by talking about your clients on social media can really be a stand out way to nurture those relationships

Give Them a Shout Out!

Perhaps the easiest way to show gratitude for your clients on social is simply by giving them a shout out in your feeds. Feature them, talk about them, share their work with your audience – all of these are effective ways of demonstrating that you not only care about them as a client, but that you believe in what they do! Make sure you tag or mention them on your platforms so they get notified (plus your post will show up in their social media feed as well).

Engage with Their Content

If you aren’t doing this already, take some time to like and comment on their social media posts. Even better, share some of their best content with your audience as well. People tend to focus only on what pops up in their own feeds, but if your client’s content isn’t showing up – search for them and spend a few minutes each week engaging with them online. This is a great practice to start and then keep doing all year long. Both of your businesses will benefit from the social engagement exchange.

Share Their Offers

Businesses are scrambling to put together their Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday deals right now. Show them you care by sharing their offers, deals and discounts with your people. Don’t forget to mention why you love their product or service!


Get creative and find a way to team up and collaborate on a project or a discount this holiday season. This is especially useful if your target markets are similar but can be a great way to get in front of each other’s audiences even if they aren’t. A public team up could greatly benefit both brands when the campaign is thoughtfully created.

As you can see, it costs nothing but a little time to show your clients love on social media this time of year. Client appreciation is a huge part of relationship marketing and building and growing your network and client list. We know you are grateful for each of your clients and now’s the time to show them!

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