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World Peace Day – Being Kind in Interactions

November 17th is the time set aside each year for World Peace Day. This ties in nicely with the month of gratitude and blessings. Taking a moment to sit back and practice harmony, diversity and peace is a good way to begin new habits. While world peace may seem like a lofty goal, there are ways to smart small – in your own communities – to promote the same idea. It is all about practicing kindness. More than just random acts of kindness, curating a habit of being kind on a daily basis will be rewarding in so many ways.
Being kind is more than just an activity; it can be a way of life. Often people get wrapped up in all the reasons or justifications for not being kind:
“I’ve had a bad day.”
“No one said a kind word to me today.”
“That person is so standoffish.”
“I’ve just been so busy.”
Yes, anyone can find a reason to avoid being kind. Here are all the reasons you should cultivate a kindness approach instead.
Being Kind is Good for Others
Spreading kindness in a world that is fast moving and mostly self-centered causes people to stop and take note. It is not expected but is so often needed. As they say, everyone is fighting a battle of some sort. As human beings, we crave connection with others and a kind wordor gesture can turn a person’s day around or change a negative outlook.
Being Kind is Good for You
Doing something nice for others actually makes us feel better. There is science to back it up! Being kind increases our dopamine levels and releases oxytocin. Dopamine is the same chemical that is released when we are in love or get a natural high. Oxytocin is released when we receive hugs, cuddle, and feel bliss. This is our body’s way of encouraging us to be supportive of each other!
If you believe in the notion of karma, every kind move you make will return to you tenfold. I’d call that stacking the deckin your favor!
Being Kind Sets An Example
Kindness can be contagious. This is why random acts of kindness and pay it forward are such popular concepts. As you radiate an aura of kindness, your family, friends and colleagues will notice. You will inspire others to follow your example. This is the highest form of flattery and the easiest way to spread kindness in your community.
They say it takes at least two weeks to develop a new habit. Why not start contributing to world peace by practicing kindness every day for the rest of the month? This is a natural way to #BeAwesome! If you appreciate this week’s #KeystoKindness article, please share it with your networks.
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