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3 Steps in Developing Social Media Content from Your Clients Questions

We are asked constantly how to come up with fresh content. We all hit writers block from time to time.  How in the world do we come up with fresh content relevant to our niche in social media? Have you ever thought about incorporating answers to questions you get into viable content for your blog?
Try using consistent questions your clients ask in your blog development! 
(1) What are your TOP 3 products/services?
  • You have your sweet spots in your business, what are those sweet spots?   
  • Document your Top 3 and 3 reasons why they are your best/optimal Product or Service.
(2) What are the top 3 questions you are asked about your products/services?
  • What do your clients usually ask you about these 3 Products or Services?
    • This is important because you are selling to a need and to fill it you need to understand the questions and objections you have with them. 
  •  Maybe there are questions on the use, the value, a testimony of someone else using them before. Storytelling in your social presence will serve a high value for your closing.   
  • ***See a Need – Fill a Need
(3) What are your 3 most popular questions to overcoming objections with your products/services?
  • Why do your clients not choose one of your Top 3 Products / Services? 
  • What is your value?   
  • What objections can you overcome? Is it price? Is it need? 
  • How can you change your story to be more relatable so they can feel, breathe and understand the value in your Top choices?
Finding a need is one thing, pin pointing the value of your service/product to fill that need and displaying a visual, emotional tie into solving that need is the  key you develop your pitch over.  You will find a relatable story with a solution will bring more value to your client than a price point. Your content should be filled with industry related stories, product/service related stories and information about the industry.
Allow your prospects to get to know your expertise before promoting your value.  This will buildthe Like, Know and Trust you are seeking before  pricing apples for apples and widgets for widgets.  Because people don’t purchase from a company, the purchase because of the relationship with the person.  If your presence is relatable on a personal level, your clients will always related to your stories as a personal touch.

~ Social Media is changing the way people do business.  Don’t get left behind ~ 

Hollie Clere, of The Social Media Advisor is a social media manager, trainer and author in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Google+ , Pinterest and the tools to manage them. Click here for her Social Media Links

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