#RelationshipsMatter – Write a Letter to a Friend

In our digital age so many people rely on text messages, social media updates and instant messaging to stay in touch with their friends and family. We are becoming more and more distant from our friends without even realizing it; relying on these quick electronic updates to feel connected. However, getting out a pen and paper helps you to connect in a much more personal way and can make people feel more appreciated. Here are a few reasons as to why:

Letters make us feel special – When you open up the mailbox and see a hand-written letter, straight away you are curious, exhilarated and happy that someone has taken the additional time to write you a letter. Many people keep hand written letters received in a binder or special box to look back on – although you can save an email it just doesn’t feel the same.
You don’t know need to write much to make a difference – If you have just met someone, why not send a postcard with a little note to say ‘Hi, was lovely to meet you today :)’. It can make them smile and help your friendship bloom.
You can focus on that individual – Writing a letter allows you to focus on that individual rather than make a generic message out to everyone, it forces you to think about the person and your friendship with them. It gives the reader the feeling that you are having a conversation directly with them and although slow – as the name snail mail suggestions –  the connection is consistent and continues to stay personal.
No pressure to respond instantly – all our lives are different and when we receive text messages or instant messages we feel it necessary to reply straight away, if we can’t we feel guilty for ignoring them. However, a letter allows us to take our time replying and make the content more valuable than a quickly typed text message. 

Not just for personal but for business too – Business is so fast paced that the last thing we think about is writing a letter, due to the time it takes. Instead of writing a newsletter, handwrite it as a letter instead sending it to those special customers who deserve a little more of a personal touch. Handwritten letters to business associates and consumers can allow you to let your creativity to show – especially if you are a designer. Additionally, there is less risk of it getting lost amongst other emails and more chance of people taking the time to read them – who isn’t interested in seeing what a hand-written letter has to say.

Relationships matter and the more effort that goes in to cultivating those relationships, the stronger and more valuable they will be. Letters are the simplest forms to foster those friendships, so take a step back in time and start re-connecting with your friends.
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