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Colorado Fires Should Have you Thinking About Communication Plans in Social Media


As most of you are aware, there are fires starting again in our own backyards. One of the things that happens in a time of tragedy is people tend to frantically pack things up, go somewhere safe and wait. During that time, they are disconnected from work and can be missing valuable business.

The last thing someone would think about may be taking the time to update the website with a message stating they are closed for business during the fire and to please be patient during this time.

Some of the things you can do real time that may save you from losing clients are:

(1) Contacting the person who schedules your Newsletter to send out an email blast to your contact list letting them know the issue.

(2) Making an update on your social profiles to let your clients, partners and vendors know what is going on.

Both processes are quick and a good resource for letting people know things on the fly.

We can not only get the tools setup for you to post this message to all of your social media profiles, but train you on how to best use them and incorporate them on your smart phones & tablets for posts while on the go.

Please listen for business Owners and Marketing Managers who are concerned with action plans in the time of an emergency.

Helping you maintain communication with your customers in the time of a emergency.

~ Social Media is changing the way people do business.  Don’t get left behind ~ 

Hollie Clere, of The Social Media Advisor is a social media manager, trainer and author in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Google+ , Pinterest and the tools to manage them. Click here for her Social Media Links

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