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Giving Back This Holiday Season


As Thanksgiving approaches this week, we all begin to reflect on all the blessings we have in our lives. In our #KeystoKindness series this month, we have been encouraging everyone to find ways to reach out and spread kindness. Another way to do that is to give back to your communities. Each of us has a set of specialized talents and skillsthat we use to be successful. Here are some ways to spread your generosity through the end of the year.
Community Service
The obvious choice for many, when it comes to giving back to our local communities, is to participate in a community service project. This can be done solo, with your family, or arranged as a teamwith your organization. There are so many different non-profits out there looking for help during the holiday season.
Short on time or ideas? Team up with a location organization to help them in their community service efforts. Plenty of businesses, churches and scouting groups are already coordinating drives and other service efforts. This is a great way to make an impact without having to do all the coordination and behind the scenes work.
As a business professional, you have plenty to offer someone out there trying to make their mark. This could be a great opportunity to take on an intern or to work with a local youth group to coach and mentor based on your own expertiseand knowledge. This is a way to give back that could have long-term benefits for people and costs you nothing but time and energy.
Random Acts of Kindness
The pay it forward concept is not new and never gets old. Get in the habit of practicing random acts of kindness or giving in ways where you expect nothing in return. If someone wants to reciprocate, cultivate that pay it forward vibe by telling him or her to do something for another person. Keep it going!
Sponsor a Charity Event
This is a great way to help out a local organization while also generating some marketing presence for your company. It also requires little effort on your part as often the only requirements are to send over a check and email a copy of your logo for marketing purposes.
Give Back Event
Instead of planning an event this month to make profit, consider running a webinar, workshop or class and not charging for your time and knowledge. Or organize an event that utilizes your skill set for free. This one time event is a great way to practice giving back and helping others. It will also generate some good will and word of mouth for you and what you do!
Hopefully this article gives you some ideas to mull over. Don’t let this opportunity to spread kindness pass up without doing something. We all get busy, especially during the holidays. However, nothing feels better or is more rewarding than sharing your gifts with those in need. #BeAwesome everyone!
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Too much “Turkey” in your Facebook Marketing could “Stuff” your Efforts into Poor Results


The end of the year is upon us and most of us prepare to sit with family, stuffing our bellies with yummy food, gift giving and reflecting in a spirit of thanks.  Along with this season, comes business planning for the New Year, goal writing and campaign development for marketing.  In the theme of Thanksgiving, here are some things you should consider with your social media marketing in Facebook  to improve results with branding while maintaining activity with your clients, vendors and partners. 

Let’s Talk Turkey – Using Facebook Promotions can benefit you but …

Facebook has three (3) paid advertising options.  The most important thing to know is none of these work well, without effective and attractive Profile writing.  The bio section of your Page should specifically paint a picture of your ideal niche, target market and specific services.  Facebook uses a program called Graph Search which pulls from things people talk about into suggestions of pages or posts for users  to then  “Like” or “Follow”.  Without the proper wording, even a paid promotion or advertisement isn’t going to draw in the right “Followers” leaving your efforts stuffed with an unhappy pocketbook and minimal results.

(1)    Consider getting your Bio/Mission Statement/About Us information written by a professional writer.  Social Media Marketing Experts are great resources for this as they play in this medium daily and have seen what works well for a variety of entities.

(2)    Be sure your profile is completely written, by filling in each section to its capacity with story telling, service offerings and calls to action.  Even selecting the correct type of “Page” can make or break your campaign as Facebook provides multiple options (Community, Local Business, Company, Organization, Band, Artist, etc)

(3)    Schedule out consistent posts by using tools such as HootSuite to make sure your audience sees updates from you at the time they are online.  By rotating time of day/days of the week and including photos/links/videos will increase your organic “share/like/comment” activity.  If your page hasn’t posted an update in the last month, there is work that needs to be done to get back in front of your visitors and a routine of posts multiple times each week  will help with that.

Let’s talk Stuffing – What are things I should have on my Facebook Page?

(1)    Be sure to have a clean Cover Photo void of too many words and be sure contact information is not included.  Contact information isn’t intended for your Cover Photo as there are other places for it.  The Cover Photo should draw in ideas for your target market – such as a featured product, event or provide a nice visual as to the services you offer.

(2)     Your “Profile Picture” should be recognizable to your brand, preferably your logo and shouldn’t change as frequently as your Cover Photo does.  Honestly, don’t change this picture unless your brand completely changes as it will confuse your visitors.

(3)    Buttons on Facebook such as “Sign Up for your Free eBook” are custom buttons and can integrate a multitude of different applications to enhance your visitors experience.  The buttons can be changed frequently to highlight promotions as well.

(4)    Use your Pin / Highlight options in Facebookallow you to “Pin” a post to the top of your timeline, making it the first thing visitors see when looking at updates or “Highlight” a post takes it from a smaller square shape, to a long wide real estate on your page.  This is good for a past promotions or sharing of an event, gallery of images, etc.

Use your Facebook Page to engage … after all, it is “Social” Media, not “Create a page that will do nothing for you” media. Engage, communicate, keep it fun and constantly changing.  Your viewers will appreciate the variety and over time will open up and begin to share with you in return.

Learn more about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals in social media so you aren’t stuffedwith poor results in this time of planning.


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Hollie Clere, of The Social Media Advisor is a social media manager, trainer and author in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Google+ , Pinterest and the tools to manage them. Click here for her Social Media Links

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