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Why can’t I see all of my friends posts on Facebook?

One of the most asked questions we get with Facebook, “Why can’t I see all of my friends posts?”  When you have over 100 friends & have “liked” a myriad of pages, it is nearly impossible to keep up with everyone you are connected to. 

The Facebook news stream only shows you posts from people you are most active with.  If they “like” or “comment” on one or more of your posts, and you do so in return, chances are you will have higher probability of seeing a status update from them.

So what are things you can do to see updates from people you haven’t connected to in a while?

(1)    Categorize your Friends and Fan Pages

(a) Select your friends list from your profile page
(b) Move your cursor over the Friends box next to their name
(c) A drop down box will pop up allowing you to select a category for that friend or “Add to another list”
(d) Create as many “lists” as you prefer, your connections will not be able to see the titles ot the categories you have organized them under.  As updates happen, you will see a number next to the “list” letting you know there is a new update.

(2)    Mark your closest Friends & Family as “Close” for notifications once they post an update.  They will be marked with a “gold” star next to the word “friends” and their updates will show up in notifications.  This is similar to subscribing to their updates.

(3)    Visit your friends & Fan Pages and find a post to “Like” or “Comment” to start seeing their updates

How will you see updates?

The updates on Friends or Fan Pages will either begin to show up on your news feed or you can simply scroll down the left side of the page to view updates from your “Categories”

What if I only want to see certain kinds of updates from friends?

Some people just aren’t fans of the games or applications.  Other people prefer pictures, videos or ALL updates.  You can go to your friends page and you can specifically select the types of updates you actually see.

(1)    Go to your friends profile page

(2)    Select the “Friends” button and select the options in the drop down menu you would like to see updates about them under Settings

Play with the many features Facebook has to offer you for organizing and keeping up with your connections & pages!

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Here is more information Facebook has provided to help you organize your updates:

How do Icontrol what I seein my news feed?

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