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Denver Entrepreneurs Business Builders Radio Show


Greetings friends!

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Sabina Claus, LLC, a Business Coaching, Consulting and Accountability Partner Team to host:

The Denver Entrepreneurs Building A Successful Business Radio Show weekly on Wednesdays from 3-4pm MST.  Each week we will be inviting guests who have built successful businesses in Colorado, talk about the techniques and things they have learned along the way and also feature some tips and tactics in Social Media and Goal Setting you can use in your business!  

We learned the ropes of the Radio Show today and our featured highlight can be heard on 8/27 9am show at: http://milehiradio.com/shows.cfm?id=F745FB99-D388-CEE0-A100730CCECC66CA

If you have a successful business and are interested in getting featured, let us know.  We have some great opportunities to feature you as our guest and for marketing that exposure as well!

There are also advertizing opportunities for 30 second spots available as well.  These spots will be highlighted commercials throughout our show and other shows on the MileHiRadio network each week.  A 6 month commercial spot is as little as $100/month and your exposure to listeners is over 280K and growing on a monthly basis.  Additionally, as each commercial is featured on the radio shows, each of them are mp3 downloadable for use of promoting on websites, social media and other online means.  

*** These are both fabulous opportunities for exposure.

To learn more about your hosts, visit:


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Hollie Clere

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