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Are you looking for Social Media Speakers in 2016 for your Groups or Teams?

Are you interested in hosting a Social Media Speaker for 2016? We would love to meet your group and discuss top online marketing trends of 2016!

Can you relate to any of the following questions?

?         We want to know … what are the latest trends for social media marketing for 2016?
?         How do we incorporate a relationship and retention building strategy with our clients in social media?
?         What are tools we can incorporate today to help build the “Like, Know, Trust” with our customers TODAY?
 This presentation is an ideal fit for your business and the people in our group!
Telling an effective story in your brand will make or break your online presence. 
In our research, 9 out of 10 Corporate Profiles in social media are not enriched with anything relevant to their brand, their potential clients or their ideal target market. 
Anyone can build a Social Media Profile Page, but do they know how to build them correctly?

This talk will discuss the importance of a story in your marketing, the key components social platforms utilize to make your brand searchable and tools to establish your true “voice” which will guide your brand on the journey of building a solid foundation for a successful social media relationship with your audience. Launching these principles into your business will immediately improve your credibility with your customers by building a long standing relationship with your clients so your competition isn’t claiming them from you. 

Workshop Take-aways:  
?         Your Story Matters: Defining the social media algorithms and how they can help or hurt your brand  Content is KING! 
?         Discussing the proper ways to integrate the power of native video, branded images and keyword rich storytelling into your online brand  
?         Tools of the Trade: Top tools for creating and scheduling content, monitoring engagement, and processes to keep you on top of your marketing funnel. 
Let us know if this workshop would be of benefit to your business, networking group, mastermind, business development or sales teams.

#BeAwesome In Storytelling For Your Brand

Your Trainer: Hollie Clere at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clerecomm

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#GiftYourBusiness – The Gift of Time

For most small businesses, time is often a source of frustration. Not having enough time, how to balance time between life and work, time is money, and many other aspects of time management that can be overwhelming. The truth of the matter is, taking the time to figure out how to best utilize this precious resource is vital to running a successful company. This month’s series is focused on gifting your business what it needs for growth in the new year. Gifting your business the commodity of time will lower stress and increase profit. 
Be Strategic
December is the month for thinking about what you will do next year. Diving blinding into it without a plan is wasting valuable time, effort and energy. Take a few hours to plot out what each month should look like – goals, priorities, and desired results. Having a month-to-month outline will help you stay focused and on task. If you aren’t sure how to accomplish this, or what your year should look like, it may be time to invest in a business coachto help you get on track.
Use Technology
New apps and devices are being created every day with the goal of helping businesses get ahead. It is important to find tools that both streamline and automate processes. Does it make your life easier? Does it speed up output? Then it is worth investing in. Be cautious of having too many tools and spreading yourself too thin.  Also, if a tool is more hassle than you thought it would be, don’t hesitate to change your game plan. The time involved in trying to figure out a complicated tool or in bouncing between various options is a waste. Take the time this month to ask fellow business owners and entrepreneurs what tools they love – and absolutely hate.
Eat the Frog
We all have a project that we put off because we know it is going to take more time and energy than the others – or simply because we can’t stand doing it. A popular time management phrase is ‘Eat the Frog’, which basically means do this project first. Get it out of the way. That way you can power through your other tasks without this one looming overhead.  
Outsource & Delegate
Another approach to dealing with tasks you don’t like or don’t have time for is to either delegate or outsourcethe work. It can be hard for some leaders and entrepreneurs to give up some of their work. However, this could mean freeing up your schedule to focus on business growth instead of daily tasks and projects. Find a reliable, talented and trustworthy individual and begin unloading time consuming tasks to others.
Evaluate Meetings
Meetings are often unavoidable. However, try to keep them to a minimum. Ask yourself just how valuable or necessary the appointment is. If it’s absolutely necessary, be sure to go in with an agenda or outline to keep everyone on task. Time each agenda item. If the problem hasn’t been resolved within the timeframe, task attendeesto go back and problem solve and come up with solutions at a future meeting. Don’t allow people to sidetrack or derail the meeting.
It can be easy getting caught up in checking voicemail, responding to emails or checking social media. It’s true that these tasks need to be accomplishedbut it’s ridiculous how often, and how many times, you do this throughout the day. Put aside time each day to accomplish these low priority tasks. Time yourself and do it at the point of the day where you are typically least productive. If your most productive energy is first thing in the morning, don’t waste that time checking your email. If the 2 PM slump usually slows you down, that might be the perfect opportunity to tackle the least important projects.
Time is an easy resource to waste. Not having a plan up front will ensure that time is not used wisely. #GiftYourBusiness the full extent of the time and resourcesyou have available by giving thought and planning to how you will use your time to #BeAwesome next year.
~ Social Media is changing the way people do business.  Don’t get left behind ~ 

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Hollie Clere, of The Social Media Advisor is a “#BeAwesome” Developer, Social Media Brand Builder, Content Manager, Trainer and Author in LinkedIn,FacebookTwitterBlogGoogle+ , YouTube,Pinterest, Instagram  and the tools to manage them. 

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Video Blogs, Video Conference Calls, Video Emails are a Great Enhancement to Social Media Strategy

Over the last few months we have taken a test drive in a new program called iWowWe which offers members the ability to use video to create video emails, video auto-responders, hold multi-user video conference calls and create video blogs (vlogs) which has been a great enhancement to social media interactions.

First and foremost, video gives your viewer the opportunity to hear your message, see your face, engage with your voice and personality in a personal way.  For those of us who have used Skype, Google Hangouts and YouTube to share in video with others, we have found the iWowWe product to be a nice tool to quickly record, save and share video messages for business.
We highly recommend this product and hear there will be new enhancements to the service that will provide even greater opportunities to interact in video with clients around the world.

~ Social Media is changing the way people do business.  Don’t get left behind ~ 

Hollie Clere, of The Social Media Advisor is a social media manager, trainer and author in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Google+ , Pinterest and the tools to manage them. Click here for her Social Media Links

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