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Facebook Announced Privacy Changes Effective Jan 1, 2015


Facebook announced Privacy changes in Terms and Conditions effective January 1, 2015.  They have developed something called Privacy Basics which is a tool to assist in understanding all privacy options.

They are covering information on:

  • GEO Targeting or getting location information to provide you with enhancements for where you are and friends nearby.
  • Enhancements to Purchases on Facebook
  • Information on the apps use with your device down to battery, signal and permissions
  • Information on the suite of companies now working with Facebook
  • Additional control with Ads

Though the information provided so far is very general, it has a nice appearance to its instruction tutorial module and walks you through some of the popular questions you would see in forums.  They are also developing videos in 30+ languages to provide instruction as well.

Though I can’t give a thumbs up or down on this Privacy initiative, I will say that as a user of Facebook, this is a step in the right direction and I am encouraged to see if there are mild or massive changes users will need to make upon the official launch, if they have made adjustments to layouts and how this will effect the user experience.  The biggest complaint people have when we talk about Facebook in consultations is, “They just don’t make it easy to find answers to my questions”  So hopefully this will help with that!

View the details about Privacy Basics, Terms and Updates at: https://www.facebook.com/about/terms-updates

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Hollie Clere

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