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“Never bash a competitor, vendor, partner or individual”

When it comes to competition – some may think that spreading a negative message about a competitor may boost their edge, but in fact it encourages a more negative insight on the one “bashing”. As more companies are figuring out how to prospect and sell to their markets online, you want to main the highest level of respect from your clients. By mentioning a competitors name in a post or ad, you are giving visibility to their brand and in turn inviting your customers to ask the question, “Why are they so focused on that company instead of their own?” Think about this as you watch commercials on TV. A simple commercial about a burger combo from a fast food restaurant vs a ridiculously small burger combo from a competitive restaurant may seem innocent as they don’t post the name of the competitor or the logo, but if you have ever eaten at their competitors restaurant, then you know exactly who they are marketing about. They are saying that their food is better. It may be – but now they are making the buyer consider why they ate at the other place – still keeping that other place fresh in their mind.

If you are promoting your own product or service, don’t cross compare. State the facts such as: Here is our menu, here are the calories for each item, here is how we prepare our food, here is our great rate, here is why you would enjoy eating with us. Don’t state: we are better then Joe Bob because our burgers are bigger than theirs, our prices are lower than theirs, our servers smile more . . . you get the picture.

This goes hand in hand with “bashing” an individual, personal or through business. Never say to a prospect, “you would like me better because I don’t wear blue like Sally Sue” or “I like to drive on the left side of the street which makes my driving safer than Jackie Joe”. These are ridiculous statements, but again you understand that presenting yourself in a different way, instead of comparing & competing in a way that promotes a negative outlook on you or another, let your offering do the talking. You are good at what you do because that is what you know best. Stand firm in that. People will choose you because of your integrity & your quality offering; not because you picked out why you are better than someone else.

Food for thought.