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Fun classes teaching strategy in LinkedIn Prospecting



Over the last few months our team has taken some time to teach strategies using LinkedIn by reaching further to a niche, developing specific messages and building relationships.  It has been wonderful to dive into businesses landscapes in a variety of industries even deeper by incorporating some techniques our team has used for years to get to know others.  Combined with Goal Setting Techniques offered by Business Coach and Accountability Partner, Sabina Claus, LLC.


Have you been keeping up with your Business Goals over the summer? Are you needing to grow your business through prospecting techniques using LinkedIn? Kickstart your next quarter in this class which we’ll teach you strategies to get business using LinkedIn and set attainable Goals and implement successful strategies in LinkedIn that will help your business thrive in the next few months.


It is designed for Business Owners, Sales Teams, Marketing Teams, Executives in a variety of levels, Administrative Support and Office Management Partners.


We have been thinking of offering this as a Webinar as well.  What are your thoughts?  Is an online class something you would want to participate in?

Let us know!~ Social Media is changing the way people do business.  Don’t get left behind ~ 

Hollie Clere

Hollie Clere, of The Social Media Advisor is a social media manager, trainer and author in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Google+ , Pinterest and the tools to manage them. Click here for her Social Media Links


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