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ALS Awareness & Fundraising for Ice Bucket Challenge using Social Media

Surely you have seen the hype of the #IceBucketChallenge to spread awareness of ALS.  Like me, you may have enjoyed in watching people drench themselves with ice cold water, or even participated in donations.

I watched this challenge unfold, was intimated and excited to see my name get mentioned on Facebook for the challenge. At first; feeling intimidated because of the cold water (then next the thought of how great it might feel in the summer heat).  Our family decided to donate in conjunction with the ice drenching challenge.

Much like some (or most of you), I had to look up ALS. My children and i needed to understand the reason why this was a challenge and what ALS actually meant.

I am not going to provide you with my perspective of my own understanding, but I hope the following links will help you.

Throughout Social Media people have been sharing success and fail videos of their challenge. the ultimate goal … awareness of this disorder and raising money to assist in research for a cure.  As of today, it isn’t curable, but with funding, there are hopes that it can be.

I will warn you that both of these shares have humbled me and put in realistic perspective what ALS people are going through. I pray, hope, wish and am hopeful that there is a cure sooner than later.  And for social media …. well done on getting a massive campaign  visible to those of us who were unaware.

I would encourage you to donate to the organizations you feel would most benefit from research.  This week closed with $41 million dollars in donations, over the $1.9 million raised last year.  We donate to many causes and this one has been added to our list.  Thank you for awareness and the fun way to spread the word. We are humbled by the stories of those who struggle with ALS and pray for a cure beside you.

Informational Blog on what ALS feels like:

Story of Pete, Frates, a young man struggling with ALS:

Information on the current donation numbers:

How you can donate:

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