Social Media Storytelling

Social Media Storytelling

Social Media Storytelling

Telling an effective story in your brand will make or break your online presence. We are storytellers. We build robust bios that tell your real story, the pains you are solving, incorporating your ideal target market, the most effective keywords and build a working bio for you that keeps your brand searchable in social media platforms, cultivates a reach of people searching for you and equips your audience with the story they need to hear from you.

In our research, 9 out of 10 Corporate Profiles in social media are not enriched with anything relevant to their brand, their potential clients or their ideal target market. This is the pain we solve for you in our Builds and ReBrands.

Anyone can build a Social Media Profile Page, but do they know how to build them correctly? That’s where we come in. After we analyze your existing online space, we make recommendations on the best platforms for your business, reaching your target market and niche.

How do we start?

We host a technical interview asking you questions, review your competitors and document all of the keywords that could apply in your build or revamp.

What happens next?

Our Team will re-write your bio to tell the story of your ideal customer, your services, make the words full of relevant keywords and optimize it as much as possible so your profile has optimal search results within the social media platform. Each platform has different character space, so we will be sure to add as much meat to each of your profiles to drive traffic as much as possible.

What is the final result?

We will do a reveal which we will walk through your newly polished profiles, show you how we beefed them up, how to make changes and how to do simple processes within the platforms so you are aware how best to use them. Do you manage the social profiles after that?

Our clients usually select any of the following:

  1. 1 to 1 Training on social media strategies, processes and step by step how to do sessions
  2. They join the Social Power Program Membership E-Learning to learn new tips and strategies each month
  3. Request we manage their social media for them by adding images, scheduling consistent updates and monitoring social media conversations on their behalf

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