Testimonials are very important to us. We value each of our clients and the opportunity to have worked with them on their projects.

“Hollie and her team at The Social Media Advisor are AMAZING!! She truly listens to her clients and makes recommendations that make sense for each individual entrepreneur and their business!! I’m so thankful to have her as an extension of my business and a part of my team!! I HIGHLY recommend her! If you are looking for some social media help or some direction, she is your gal!! Thanks Hollie!! 

  • Phoenix Sagen

“I’ve had the pleasure of working on my social media calendar and learning best practices for online connections with Hollie @ The Social Media Advisor. Her courses are thorough and her teaching is based on your level of needs. She has a demeanor that is approachable with great warmth and willingness. An investment that was full of quality and expertise.”

  • Sharon Wunder

“Hollie is incredible! She did wonders to teach me everything I needed to know about managing my social media accounts. She helped me grow my organic reach on facebook to a huge level and my business increased as a result of her help. I can’t recommend her and her team enough!!!”

  • Kitty Coy 

“The Social Media Advisor has transformed my business from having no social presence at all, to joyfully communicating my brand, reflecting my business’ values, and highlighting its products and services. Hollie uses her masterful adult education and coaching skills to help me structure my strategy, such that I understand why I post what, on which platforms, when, and the impact of each (now I can interpret analytics!). She’s shown me, step-by-step, how to use the tools—starting where I am, which was scared and clueless, frankly. Results? Oh yeah: ideal On Your Face Glasses clients are recognizing themselves and getting spec-tacular glasses, and I’m loving the process of getting social!”

  • Jen Stier

“The Social Media Advisor has transformed my business from having no social presence at all, to joyfully communicating my brand, reflecting my business’ values, and highlighting its products and services. Hollie uses her masterful adult education and coaching skills to help me structure my strategy, such that I understand why I post what, on which platforms, when, and the impact of each (now I can interpret analytics!). She’s shown me, step-by-step, how to use the tools—starting where I am, which was scared and clueless, frankly. Results? Oh yeah: ideal On Your Face Glasses clients are recognizing themselves and getting spec-tacular glasses, and I’m loving the process of getting social!”

  • Beth Strathman

“I have been working with Hollie for a few months now on my editorial calendar; wow! It’s been amazing! She goes over information in a way that is easy to understand, makes the whole thing efficient and pretty straight forward. Love her insights to the industry and her help for my business. I’d recommend the Roadmap for your editorial calendar to any solo entrepreneur; it’s sooooo worth your time! We’re always looking for more time and efficiency, right?!”

  • Chris Gosnell

“I used Hollie’s Profile Optimization service and have seen immediate results. Not only did she fully flesh out my LinkedIn personal profile, she also built my LinkedIn business page. My Facebook Page is now fully optimized as well. I’m showing up in more searches and reaching more potential customers as a result of her detailed and thorough work. The icing on the cake is the (free) Hootsuite scheduler which helps me streamline and organize my posts. The provided training was excellent and I’m thrilled with the value I received during this process”

  • Brooke Davis

“Hollie and her team have handled many of our admin tasks including management of LinkedIn and other groups, blogs, and other social media accounts, sending messages and posting updates, and generally being available to assist our client work as well. She’s been an invaluable asset to us and we have and continue to wholeheartedly recommend her work. UPDATE: Hollie and her team have been supporting our social media communications management for a year now. We hired her for a short stint then realized how much more we’d get done with her help. She’s become an integral and trusted member of the team not only in communications, but also in the development of our learning management activities. I wholeheartedly recommend her work. She learns quickly, adapts well, and is a joy to work with. What more could I ask for?”

  • Lori Ruff

“It was great to get to work with superstars like Hollie, especially when the projects get a little tricky. Hollie is the one that made sure things got done right, all the details were in place, it was lit up right! She made me look good too! Now she’s taken networking to a whole new level, helping others in the industry use Social Media to gain an advantage in a really tough segment.”

  • Mike O’Neil

“I had worked with Hollie in a past life years ago so I knew her to be a very hardworking and conscientious person. We at X4 recently contracted with Hollie to have her shape and implement a social media strategy for us. As older guys, our leadership group thought our best bet was to let someone who knew better run with this, and Hollie was our choice. Well…Hollie absolutely did that, but in the process, through her dynamic and enthusiastic approach, got us to really see the value in actively participating in the program she designed for us. We now have our entire team enthusiastically promoting our brand and unique offerings through several social media platforms. Hollie has transformed the way we communicate with our partners and made a material and immediate impact on our business. Her work product is professional and timely, she is always more than prepared for us and goes well beyond agreed to levels of support. It really feels like Hollie is a part of the X4 family!”

  • Curt Allen

“Wow – I had a Social Media Consultation with Hollie to create a stronger Key Word Optimization plan for my Social Media sites, and it was way beyond what I expected. Hollie gave me a ton of tricks, tips, and suggestions, but most importantly she brought it all to my novice level. I am excited to implement the ideas she gave me, and even more excited about the results I will receive. Thank so much Hollie for taking the time to help show me the importance of Key Word Optimization for my Social Media sites, and especially for helping me understand the need! I would recommend Hollie to anyone who wants to take their Social Media Marketing to the next level!”

  • Patty Benton

“I met with Hollie last week for her to turn my social life around – social media life, that is – and she did. Not only did she give me good ideas with thorough explanations in a step-by-step process, but also gave me an informative take-away – her book. Even when questions have arisen since, I am able to email or call her and she responds in a timely manner with patience. What an asset she is and would be to any business wanting more presence on the web.”

  • Andrea Mauro

“When Hollie and her team engaged us about Social Media, I knew this was something we needed to tackle, it was just a matter of figuring out the best way to do it. The ramp-up introduction into Social Media was eased by their experience and industry knowledge, which really helped us quickly leverage this medium into our business model. It has been great to increase our client and vendor visibility through this medium. Our communications have increased with our customers and vendors. Just even changing how our Meta is established on our website, formatting more efficient LinkedIn pages, Twitter and Facebook Company pages has optimized Google search engine (SEO) as well. We are also pleased with the management of the Social Media spaces each month. We highly recommend this service to anyone interested in adding Social Media to their business practices, engaging in retention and prospecting processes. We no longer have to worry about how to integrate this piece into our business. Thank you for all that you do for us!”

  • Jeff Ott

“Hollie is amazing in her knowledge and ability to teach social networking in simple terms. I love that Hollie has a vision for the future and keeps things organized and is a great communicator. Her ability to bring out the best in a person is a true gift. I call her me Internet Angel. Thank you Hollie”

  • Brigitte Ades

“Wow! I didn’t even realize that social media was important to my business but Hollie showed me differently! Hollie impressed me with the amount and knowledge and skills she has and took the time to explain everything and help me to understand the importance. She works efficiently and with a smile on her face! I am SO excited to see the future results of all her hard work! I highly recommend her to any business even if you don’t think social media is for you!”

  • Dr. Jessica Keppy, DC

“Hollie has been a pleasure to work with. She has been very patience with us as we work through our social media campaign. She has gone above and beyond to help educate us on the social media pitfalls and to craft a strategy that will work for us. She has not tried to force feed us but rather help us understand why we should or should not engage in a certain media.”

  • Troy McCracken

“I loved working with Hollie on my social media! I had been procrastinating for some time, but was overwhelmed and intimidated and had no idea where to start. Hollie broke it down so that not only did it make sense, but it was easy to understand, and easy to implement. She worked with me every step of the way, and made sure I understood and knew what to do before we went to the next step. Any time I had questions she had the answers, and was always prompt and detailed when getting back to me. Hollie is professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with, but the best part of working with her is the results. In less than 2 months I went from having no social media presence, to actually getting new business as a DIRECT result from all her efforts and coaching. New business from new customers, not just more business from my existing customers. I recommend Hollie every chance I get.”

  • Reggi Coles

“Hollie assisted me in creating social media buzz for the launch of my novel, JACOB’S RETURN, and for its associated fundraising on Kickstarter.com. When someone searches LinkedIn for “fiction,” “novel”, or “literature”, my profile appears in the top results, sometimes even as the first! In addition to helping me succeed, Hollie is a joy to work with.”

  • Andrew Tertes

“Hollie is an excellent Social Media Advisor and helped me out immensely with my LinkedIn profile and brand building. I would highly recommend seeking Hollie out with any projects large or small if you encounter a snag or are just looking for some professional guidance or consulting in these choppy waters of social media networking. She has a way of taking a daunting task and making it manageable with great results. Hollie is a great person to boot.”

  • Dana Coles

“Hollie’s services were invaluable in helping our company dive into the social media waters. She gave us easy tools and tips that got us well acquainted with the process within only a couple of sessions. I would definitely recommend Hollie to other companies overwhelmed by how to start a social media campaign.”

  • Debbie Johnson

“Hollie worked with me for the first time today and I am so impressed by her expert knowledge and fantastic abilities to do in less than an hour what would have taken me 2 days or more. She listens and helps adapt to my needs and her follow through is impeccable. It was very hard to pick only 3 attributes for Hollie as they all fit her perfectly. Thanks, Hollie, you made my life easier. Donna”

  • Donna Gibson

“Hollie is one of the best when it comes to social media expertise. When I work with her, I always learn something new about how to make the social media work for my business and my clients better.”

  • Thomas Ciesielka

“I recently hired Hollie to help us integrate social media in to our dental practice. She is very knowledgeable, personable and creative. She just helped me build my LinkedIn profile and we had immediate results.”

  • Dr. Steve Anundsen

“Since I engaged Hollie to re-vamp my LinkedIn profile, visits and views have dramatically increased. Hollie’s comprehensive social media marketing program has made it EASY for Overcharge Recovery Group to increase our presence, to gain awareness in our target market, and to keep in touch with our existing clients. I highly recommend Hollie personally as a trustworthy and reliable business associate.”

  • Susan Friday

“We have tried other social media managers, but we felt like they weren’t picking up on “our vibe,” as it was apparent it was not our team making the posts. Hollie and her team mirrored “us” so quickly it blew our minds! They revamped our social media platforms making them both consistent and thorough. She’s offered professional opinions while still honoring our wishes, and has creative ideas that we humbly admit to never thinking of. Her follow up and responsiveness are incomparable – absolutely worth the investment!”

  • Becky Colorado Tub Repair

“Hollie is a fun and informative educator on social media. Her “LinkedIn” class is wonderful – and I learned a TON! (thought I knew LinkedIn!) I look forward to learning more from this gifted professional.”

  • Pamela Myers

“Hollie has changed the game in Social Media! She knows her stuff inside and out. Her classes are so helpful. You leave knowing what to do and when to do it to make a difference. She helps you build relationships and with your customers online. Her class is full of energy and easy to follow.”

  • Christine Hernandez

“I have been working with Hollie now for almost two years and she has been great to work with. The wealth of knowledge she has is amazing and we are lucky to have her on our Social Media side. I would without hesitation recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their brand via social media. Thanks for all you do Hollie and I look forward to expanding my knowledge with the excellent classes you offer.”

  • Staten Fuller

“Great village… Supportive, Creative and Knowledgeable with super Leadership skills!! They are mentors and personal professionals who are definitely the “Best” in their field! If you want to be SUCCESSFUL … GROW … THRIVE … AND SUCCEED, These 2 superstars need and MUST be on your Team. 5 stars always!”

  • Kim Beaupre

“You won’t find anyone more positive and upbeat. Hollie is a great teacher of all things social media. I learned a ton from her workshop using Social Media to market live events. Gotta love a strategy with all the steps along the way.”

  • Lisa Humphreys

“Have you ever found yourself pondering what to say when to post, how often to post, and generally how to market on social media. Hollie makes marketing, prospecting, and generating leads on social media easy. Stop wasting your time trying to solve the social media conundrum on your own and call Hollie.”

  • Sean Cooper

“Hollie is a very knowledgeable, service-oriented advisor who will offer you strong support and numerous quality pointers to build your brand and/or boost your social media presence. She continually practices what she preaches!”

  • Jim and Ruth

“Hollie is awesome at social media gig. This is definitely her brilliance. Her classes are easy to follow and she speaks in laymen terms so you can understand. Hollie is also such a positive wonderful woman who loves what she does and it shows. ”

  • Penny Brenden

“Having watched my wife build this solid company over the last 7 years, I have been in awe of her brilliance, continued training and heart for educating others on best practices and strategies in social media. Her team of content writers and online managers do a superb job of keeping their clients happy with active brands in social media and it is wonderful to hear the stories of how they take a business with zero presence, build them out properly, develop strategies to keep these businesses visible and engaged. Social Media Advisor clients are loyal because of the attention they take to make each brand stand apart from their competition.

When the idea of this business came about, it was literally a vision built off of the premise that every business, no matter the size, could thrive with a solid online presence if you educate the business about consistency, ways to utilize and manage social media. It has been an honor to watch it grow into the business it is today and it is pretty cool to have been part of it from the very beginning. She has aligned the business with other top online specialists that provide her clients with many solutions that help keep them visible in the vast landscape of the “inter webs”.

I recommend the Social Media Advisor Team to every business I encounter, not because my wife owns the company, but because of what they do to deliver top notch customer service to all of their clients. I would give them 100 stars if I could! #BeAwesome!!”

  • Jeremy Clere

“There’s a reason why Hollie Clere draws so many raves from people. She knows her social media stuff, what works and what doesn’t and teaches various classes on social media to those who are interested. Everyone can learn a lot from Hollie’s expertise and she truly wants all entrepreneurs to succeed. Heed her tips and advice and you will. I especially love Hollie’s giving heart and how she combines her passion for life and business.”

  • Phillis Shimamoto

“A business who represents me (not themselves), who gets my voice in marketing and does it all without me having to be involved.

I don’t know about you but social media and I don’t get along…Hollie and her team a great at getting my business out there and making it sound like me (not some robot worker in a cubicle faking me)…having The Social Media Advisor in my corner lets me breathe a sigh of relief.

I no send every client to Hollie…no one else…to handle our social media and blog work…they are amazing!

You won’t regret it…CALL THEM TODAY!!!!!!!”

  • Sabina Whittall

“Hollie Clere of The Social Media Advisor is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I have taken a couple of her online webinar classes about LinkedIn and blogging, and I was super impressed with how organized she is, how well she explains things and makes it so easy to understand why. I would highly recommend Hollie Clere and The Social Media Advisor.”

  • Jacki Cox

“Hollie and her team at Social Media Advisor know their stuff when it comes to making the most of your social media imprint. They can help with a variety of items and have it clearly laid out for you. If you want to be involved or just hand it over to them, there is an option for you!
I highly recommend Social Media Advisor.”

  • Mary Gaul

“Hollie and her team are just AWESOME! Her social media training workshops and presentations ROCK! Jam-packed with valuable information that attendees can go right back to their office and implement.”

  • Brad Friedman

“We’ve always dabbled in social media and we have fun doing it, but we never really had a strategy behind the activity. Hollie is a gem at understanding, teaching and implementing social media. I adore her genuine twinkling personality. She has the experience and the know-how to make a difference in your social media approach.”

  • Angel Tuccy

“Hollie Clere is an AMAZING resource! Not many people out there know as much about how to leverage social media to actually…and I know this is everybody’s dream…to GET CUSTOMERS!! She understands what so few people do, how to actually get all those Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn contacts to help you get customers! I know it sounds like the dream, but she can make it come true 🙂 If you aren’t using Hollie Clere for your social media, you should be :)”

  • Matt Curry

“Knowing Hollie and her work for years, she’s on top of the game when it comes to social media, so smart and so methodical. She collaborates wonderfully, not limiting what she delivers to her own skill set or strengths. Especially check out her Prospecting on LinkedIn class.”
– Dru Shockley

“I don’t even know where to start in telling you how awesome Hollie Clere is in social media education. If you are looking for the greatest and latest information on how to maximize your social media usage to grow your business, then look no further. Grow your business by letting The Social Media Advisor show you how.”

  • Andy Wilson

“Hollie has been an amazing addition to our team!!! Without Hollie, we would still be stuck in the 90’s!!! As an insurance agency owner, I want to focus on my core business….insurance! Hollie has us engaging with our customers and prospects in Colorado, Nevada and Arizona…all via social media!!!!! It’s so nice to have a fantastic presence and not have to be a social media expert. She is our expert!!! We highly recommend her and her team!!!”

  • Jeff Douglas

“Hollie and the team at The Social Media Advisor made me feel special, unique and like what I have to say matters! They make me feel so comfortable and educated with each platform of social media we utilize. There is no one else we would rather help us get our personality out on social than this team!”

  • Katie Myers

“I hired Hollie to do a social media rebuild for my business pages, I have attended several of her training seminars and I have now hired The Social Media Advisor to manage my social content. Hollie is such a wealth of knowledge on all things social media and she takes care to keep her knowledge current. Hollie and her team also take the time and care to learn about your business and how they can best represent your voice and your brand. Hollie is also fantastic at training people on to how to use their social media channels and she has great ideas for how people can minimize their time yet maximize their results. If you need help with any aspect of managing your social media channels, The Social Media Advisor is your answer.”

  • Shari Wagner

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Hollie as a colleague in the social media world. She is highly knowledgeable about social media and how it can benefit business owners, and she is especially adept at helping her clients use storytelling in their businesses. Nobody is just a cold set of facts, and she brings out the human side of her clients’ businesses. She is responsive, collaborative, and dedicated and she does it all with a lovely smile. Not only does Hollie work directly with businesses, she is also an accomplished speaker and tailors her presentations to fit the specific needs of any organization.”

  • Melody Jones

“If you are looking for ways to accelerate your SOCIAL PRESENCE, there is no better team.
This team is professional, as well as puts YOU, the customer, FIRST!
This is the team to call, tweet, text, message, or whatever you use, just get them for your team, before the competition uses them; they are that good!”

  • JP Krause

“Took Hollie’s LinkedIn class and her tips and training were awesome. She really knows how to break down the information into easy to understand steps. On a personal note, I have known Hollie for many years and she is just a huge giver of heart and hand. You’d be in good hands if you hire her for your Social Media needs.”

  • Pam Blackman

“Hollie Clere of the Social Media Advisor is a true professional who knows the ins and the outs of her business. She is accessible, fair and honest and demonstrates a unique ability to get people connected In the Social media universe. She has helped me and countless others navigate this world through her knowledge and ongoing training. I would recommend Hollie to anyone looking to increase their Social Media presence.”

  • Dave Huddle

“Hollie’s training is phenomenal. Her knowledge is extensive and she really focuses on helping people understand the importance of the processes in Social Media Platforms and how to implement them. Her training techniques are understandable and really assist in the transfer of that knowledge. She is Awesome. Thank you, Hollie!”
– Jason Kohut

“If you are looking to market your business through social media Hollie is the only person you need. Her wealth of knowledge in the various social media platforms will keep your brand present, your message consistent, and your current and prospective clients up to date. I highly recommend The Social Media Advisor!”

  • Stan Ferrin

“Hollie and the team at The Social Media Advisor have for the last several years run our entire social media strategy. Hollie is very attentive and is a great steward of our brand. What they have delivered for us has made and continues to make a material impact on our business. I occasionally forget that Hollie is not one of our employees. I would highly recommend her for any company looking for expertise in social media.’

  • Curt Allen

“I have used Hollie for a couple years and have always been thrilled with your level of care that she has given our account. She is very knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile to help promote whatever I asked her to promote. She is also great and setting people up from scratch and getting them into the social media fray. Thanks, Hollie!”
– Shawn

“We have worked with Hollie and her team for a couple of years on projects and have referred them to our clients. What I enjoy about them, is that they are very responsive and responsible to a client’s needs. They give that personalized service and always do their best to make sure needs are met and exceeded expectations. If you have any other questions, I am available to share more.”
– Sandra Murray

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Partners Choice Award - Agent Marketing (2013) - Telecom Association
Partners Choice Award - Agent Marketing (2012) - Telecom Association
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Members Choice Award - Admin (2010) - Telecom Association

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